Why we say ‘Less is more.’

Because the less fuel we consume, the less harmful emissions we produce, and the less we need to repair and replace engines and equipment – the more our businesses and the world we live in have to gain. Nanol® is a patented discovery and represents an innovative lubricant additive, which significantly reduces friction and wear of surfaces due to a thin protective layer formed by copper nanoparticles. Nanol® POWER+ ML is optimized for Marine engines operating with low sulphur fuel oils.
The unique action behind the Nanol® lubrication technology lies within the precise amount of perfectly distributed copper nanoparticles, Constructing a physical layer of copper atoms only on the surfaces of friction and wear. Nanol® is an additive that reduces friction and improves the anti-wear characteristics of lubricant oil. It enhances engine performance and energy efficiency, lessens wear and improves heat transfer from the friction zone. Fuel and lubricant consumption are cut, and harmful emissions reduced.

A dual-function additive based on proprietary technology, Nanol contains both a friction modifier and an anti-wear component. Its functionality is based on a tribo-chemical synthetic molecular mechanism that applies a precise quantity of perfectly distributed copper ions as a self-repairing protective copper-organic compound (COC) nano-film onto metal friction surfaces. This nano-layer has plastic flow properties, reducing energy losses, and preventing hydrogen wear and corrosion.
  • Less friction

    Improving engine performance, reducing fuel consumption by up to 5%, and lessening environmental impact.
  • Less wear

    Nanol’s self-repairing protective nano-layer cuts wear and prolongs the lifetime of components, thus extending maintenance cycles and reducing maintenance costs.
  • Less consumption

    Reducing global fuel consumption and emissions through the use of our revolutionary additive in lubrication oils promises very high financial and environmental rewards.
  • Less emissions

    Ships consume about 15% of world transport fuels, and new IMO requirements increase the pressure to cut emissions. We have started our rollout by focusing on marine diesel engines.

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